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  Idea for city books series

Check-in-Book concept [English translation]



Most important of the concept

Idea of Check-in-Book format for city books series

What Check-in-Book (CnB) is?

It is a book as a memento of visit to any city or town. It is, in the same time, an individual gift for any tourist and a physical way to check-in which avows the visit. Also it could become kind of collectible object.

In clearly structured way, it contains important information about the city/town, its sights, interesting stories and facts, statistics as infographics, best photos of the place and themedpicture galleries, as well as pages and text boxes to fill in by tourist/book buyer after impressions of the visit.

As a book, CnB may have its own name, such as “My visit [to the city/town]” or “Memento for the visit [to the city/town]”.

CnB purchase can be a symbol of visit’s validation – besides, it can be combined with electronic check-in system stringed to social networks, standalone site and/or project application.

Based on the CnB concept, a gamefication system development is possible as it will allow keeping count on the visits and book purchases by users and publisher. For that end CnB can contain a special code inside the book; the code entered by user in the city/town of visit, which can be checked using GPS, will allow registering of book purchase and simultaneously, a check-in itself.

On the basis of purchased books’ count, places visited or other criteria, active users may acquire some certain statuses or benefits which will boost them to new journey and new purchases.

Target audience

Foreign tourists who will to buy some good and unusual souvenir and locals who want to give a present in memory to their friends, relatives or business partners.

CnB has its multifunctionality – this is a place’s enlightener, kind of impressions diary and set of souvenirs in the same time. In spite of its unusual content stuff which is described below, CnB may be provided with a pocket for small printed souvenirs, such as postcards, stickers, flat magnets (“Greetings from [the city/town]” or “Welcome to [the city/town]”). Thus, any torist which chooses to purchase CnB as local book memento will be released from the problem of choice as small presents to be given away to friends are already a part of CnB.

For locals CnB is, in fact, an ideal present related to their own city or town. Availability of such memento will ease difficulties in fitting of a proper souvenir for friends from other places.

Comparison of the concepts



Photo albums


Information about the place



Detailed and comprises lot of aspects

Information about points of interest








Big pictures

Usually none


Dedicated chapter

Object-related picture collections




Dedicated space for the visitor’s notes




Set of souvenirs




Place and time of purchase

Usually before the visit

Usually within or after the visit or not related to the visit

Within the visit

Buyer to Check-in-Book interaction pattern

  1. Buyer pays a visit to the city/town and buy there CnB which is dedicated to this place.

  2. Sealed book contains a special code to be able to make check-in possible within the project. Buyer enters the code in his/her gadget via a special application or through the site. Fullcheck-in registration is possible only in case the coordinates of current buyer’s position coincide with coordinates of the city/town to which the book is dedicated, otherwise only the recording of the book’s acquisition will be made. In the proper city/town, buyer later will have a possibility to retry with check-in process.

  3. For full or partial check-in buyer can earn some points; by achieving a certain number of points he/she will be rewarded by badge or status.

Check-in-Book content

Below you can find CnB’s chapters and headings which are sorted in accordance to methods of information flow. Order of thematic pages in the book determined at the editorialpreparation. The publication begins with an introduction; also in the beginning of the book a word from city authorities to the tourists can be placed.

Information issued as tables and text

Information issued as infographics

Information issued as lists

Descriptive texts about the city/town

Topical collection of pictures

White pages for notes of the owner

Use conditions

Contact: via

Created in Ukraine

Concept ©, 2013-15

© Concept by, Eugene Prudky

© Translated into English by Volodymyr Litvinenko

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